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Sun Valley Dogs
German Rottweilers:


Sun Valley Dogs: We provide top of the line German Rottweilers. Located in Phoenix, Arizona




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So you want to own a Rottweiler?

The Rottweiler makes a loyal and wonderful companion, but requires time and training. The Rottweiler is a basically calm, confident, and courageous dog with a self-assured aloofness. The Rottweiler is a powerful dog with an inherent desire to protect home and family. The Rottweiler's strong will to work make it an especially good companion dog.

Sun Valley Dogs Registered Rottweilers are bred for beauty and brains. Once you experience the fun and joy these dogs bring into your life, there is no other dog to own. All our Rottweiler puppies are well socialized from the time they are born.

One of the things you can count on with Rottweilers is that they are loyal friends for life.

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