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Xanto Vom Hause Neubrand

* Xanto Vom Hause Neubrand Sch III, BH, Ztpr, HD-frei, OFA Good
* Xanto receives V-1 in Stuttgart, Germany 2000 amd now a New VDH German Champion.
* DT. VDH German Champion, "2000" Canadian National Sieger, Mexican Champion,
* German Dona Sieger, German Bodensee Seiger, German Dona Youth Seiger,
* German Bodensee Youth Seiger, Best of Breed in 3 countries!


Congratulations to Xanto, 2000 Canadian National Club Sieger
under the very well respected ADRK judge Anton Splindler.


Xanto is owned by Von Ruelmann Rottweilers

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